What is Daml?

Today, workflows cannot be shared privately and securely across organizations, leading to inconsistent data, outdated architectures, and no common interface between different stakeholders. Digital Asset created the Daml smart contract platform to connect businesses and help companies automate multiparty processes across databases and blockchain networks.

Innovation is Key

Three opportunities you're missing out on by not leveraging Daml.


Opportunity Cost 1

Modernize time-consuming and expensive reconciliation processes 

Opportunity Cost 2

Create consistent systems that prove provenance

Opportunity Cost 3

Offer transparent pricing, scheduling, billing, and payment systems.

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On-Demand Webinar

Increasing Transparency Across Securitisation and Asset-Backed Securities through Daml and DLT

Join Block8 and Digital Asset to learn how distributed ledger technology and Daml-driven applications improve complex processes between internal and external stakeholders, and how this new technology eliminates reconciliation and operational risk for organisations managing  financial assets. 

You will receive the following takeaways: 

  • An overview of securitisation and how DLT and Daml fundamentally change the way businesses transact with each other, stakeholders, and regulatory agencies. 
  • A fireside chat on how to build financial solutions that ensure greater liquidity, reduce risk, and improve efficiencies across all departments, internal and external. 
  • A comprehensive demo of Block8’s securitisation solution that enables asset references to cross company boundaries, providing the ability to make better business decisions on the basis of asset ownership as well as satisfy regulatory requirements related to asset management. 

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On demand webinar

How Block8 helped democratise the Australian dream

Download our Case Study for Australian Mortgage to discover how technology is disrupting the Australian mortgage market.

Intelligent Credit, a truly Australian innovation born of a partnership with two genuine local tech innovators, Australian Mortgage and Block8.

How new technology is disrupting the australian mortgage market

The key benefits of Daml

Application portability

Application portability

Daml applications can be deployed to a database or blockchain network. Whether you're optimizing internal workflows or building a consortia, your application will seamlessly fit with the infrastructure of choice.

Integrate easily

Integrate easily

Integrate Daml applications with existing systems through popular languages like JavaScript and Java with simple migration for current workflows.

Privately synchronized

Privately synchronized

Daml applications automatically determine which parts of workflows should be shared with other parties.

Data-centric architecture

Data-centric architecture

Daml provides the data model, authorization, data visibility rights, and transactional guarantees in the smart contract framework.

Benefit 5

Built-in audit trail

Every Daml application has an audit trail of data modifications and access as part of the smart contract framework.

Open source framework 

Open source framework 

Daml is an Apache 2.0 open source project that can be extended or incorporated into existing projects.

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Learn how to automate complex workflows for greater efficiency and growth with the Daml and Block8 slipsheet


Download our slipsheet and learn how Daml unlocks the power of distributed ledgers and databases.

Daml helps businesses in every industry invest in future-proof applications with a purpose-built framework that tears down data silos. With Daml, you are able to build multiparty processes that improve collaboration, automate repetitive tasks, and contribute more to the bottom line.


Daml Applications


Daml for Capital Markets

Financial institutions are plagued by inefficient processes that stifle innovation, increase capital requirements, and disturb cash flow. Daml provides a framework for digital transformation where complex multiparty workflows are simplified and data silos are eliminated. From collateral management to OTC derivatives, Daml was built to support a variety of capital markets use cases and offers a comprehensive Daml Finance Library to accelerate application development.


Daml for Health Insurance

Healthcare systems are historically siloed, causing data loss and error-prone reconciliation processes. Daml applications improve the availability of medical data across providers and payers through secure smart contracts. With Daml for Health Insurance, payers can build solutions that settle claims instantly, ensuring greater liquidity for providers.

DAML Applications (1)

Daml for Pharma

Daml offers pharmaceutical companies the ability to more accurately track clinical trial consent, quickly enact drug recalls, and notify proper stakeholders of pertinent health information while remaining HIPPA compliant. Daml solves a variety of unique pharmaceutical workflows, including clinical trial master file management, patient trial consent, labeling and company core datasheet (CCDS), and supply chain track and trace for medications.

Supply Chain - 2

Daml for Supply Chains

Supply chains are extremely complex involving multiple untrusted parties, error-prone paperwork, one up - one down visibility, and long execution times. Daml streamlines and standardizes these processes with rights, obligations, and fine-grained authorization built into the language ensuring the highest level of transparency and data integrity across any transaction.


Daml for Insurance

Daml supports a variety of insurance workflows from car insurance to life insurance. Daml speeds up claims processing, payment flow, and identity validation while ensuring regulatory requirements are met with strict data rules defined in the code. Daml enables businesses to create new insurance and reinsurance products with ease. It also provides a future-proof path for companies that want to deploy new solutions on legacy infrastructure but move to new technology in the future. 

DAML Applications

Daml for Retail Banks

DAML streamlines transaction processing and safely shares data between banks for improved risk assessment accuracy and fraud prevention through its privacy-first framework for multi-party workflows that tears down data silos by leveraging the power of smart contracts.  

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Block8 Deep Dive Series: R3’s Corda vs Digital Asset’s Daml

Overview of State and Transactions

Part One: Overview of State and Transactions

Developer Experience

Part Two: Developer Experience - Learnability and Documentation


Part Three: Functionality - What can it do?

Code Compare

Part Four: Code Compare - A Multisignature Transaction

How DLT and Daml smart contracts improve complex business processes within capital markets

The legacy systems upon which financial assets, securitisation, and asset management operations are often defined by a constant exchange of data through APIs or transfers.

Download our Whitepaper to discover how digital ledger technology and Daml smart contracts improve complex business processes and eliminate reconciliation and operational risk within capital markets.

DLT & Daml Smart Contracts

Block8's Industry Expertise

Asset Management

Asset Management

Funds Management
Wealth Management


Reduce Cost Make More Money

Financial Assets

Insurance and Reinsurance
Trade Finance and Factoring
Consumer Lending




Asset-backed Securities
Fractionalisation and Neo-Assets


Financial Markets

Financial Markets

Digital Asset Markets
Exchange Broking


Supply Chain

Supply Chain

Digital Supply Chain
Provenance and Tracking




Digital Conveyancing
Property Management


What is Blockchain?

At Block8 we are asked all the time "What is blockchain" depending on whom you speak to, the answer will usually be technical or even more technical. Block8 decided to create a short 90-second video to explain blockchain and its benefits to a non-technical audience. Keeping it simple and easy to understand can create the interest and excitement that we all feel about this incredibly disruptive technology. However, if you want a technical response or an even deeper technical response, we can help with that too.


Block8's Blockathon for 2021

The Blockathon winner

The Blockathon winner

SuperMart: An open, fair, and transparent Superannuation Fund Marketplace built on DLT.

Block8 Hackathon Team

The Block8 team 

Our teams have been working on the new ASX DABL test platform utilising their Daml skills.

Company-wide event

A company-wide event

The blockathon was fun and energetic and created some friendly competition amongst the teams.

Putting skills to practice

Block8's Daml skills put to practice

We worked on Digital Asset's smart contract language, Daml and put those skills to good use.

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Manifold Demo

Autocar Loan Securitisation Platform

Distributed Ledger Technology and Daml Smart Contracts for Greater Transparency Across Securitisation and Asset-Backed Securities 


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