Securitisation and Asset-Backed Securities through Daml and DLT


Increasing Transparency Across Securitisation and Asset-Backed Securities through Daml and DLT

Zero to One

Zero to One

Transform your ideas into an investable product


Blockchain Explained 

A quick and easy guide to explaining blockchain and distributed ledger technology


How Technology is Disrupting the Australian Mortgage Market

A case study on Australian Mortgage


Getting Started with Blockchain

Our guide will get you started in developing your blockchain-enabled innovation strategy


R3’s Corda vs Digital Asset’s DAML

Taking a look at writing smart contracts in R3’s Corda compared to Digital Asset’s DAML

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DLT for Future Digital Leaders | Panel Discussion: Identifying DLT (Blockchain) Use Cases

A webinar exploring DLT use cases with some of blockchain’s best minds in Australia.

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Redesigning Value Chains in Financial Services with Blockchain and DLT

A webinar exploring current blockchain and DLT trends and use cases in the Financial Services sector. 

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What is Blockchain? Blockchain explained in 90 seconds

Blockchain can seem like a complex technology at first, so we've picked our experts' brains and put together this 90 second video to make it easy for anyone to understand.

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Block8's submission to Senate Select Committee on Fintech and Regtech

This blog series dives into the challenges, opportunities, and disruptive blockchain technology that is on Australia’s Fintech and Regtech horizon.

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Autocar Loan Securitisation Platform

Distributed Ledger Technology and Daml Smart Contracts for Greater Transparency Across Securitisation and Asset-Backed Securities 

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Block8 and Daml Slipsheet

Learn how to automate complex workflows for greater efficiency and growth with the Daml and Block8 slipsheet


Securitisation Whitepaper

Discover how digital ledger technology and Daml smart contracts improve complex business processes and eliminate reconciliation and operational risk within capital markets.



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