Bumper protects the value of your crypto using a radically innovative DeFi protocol. Set the price you want to protect and if the market crashes, your asset will never fall below that price. Importantly, if the market grows, your asset rises too.



Australian Mortgage formed in 2017 with a mission to democratise Australia’s complex, impersonal and profit-driven residential mortgage market with a fairer solution that takes each applicant’s personal circumstances into account, expediting approvals and getting more people into homes faster. Its founders are some of the brightest young minds from Australia’s financial services sector, with deep experience designing intelligent systems that deliver better customer experiences.



The real estate contract solution for agencies who want more happy clients. We've partnered with Real Estate Institutes to transform how the world looks at digital real estate contracts, one form at a time. Used by thousands of real estate agencies every day to do contracts smarter. Over 300,000 properties run on Hutly.



Block8 partnered with Havven (Now Synthetix) in 2017-2018 to design the original protocol, incentive mechanisms, white-papers, agent based models and the first 2 production releases on Ethereum main-net. The project successfully raised $30m USD which is still Australia’s largest ICO.



Boulevard operates in the highly regulated financial services sector. The platform is approved by ASIC to manage compliance and governance for private companies. This platform has allowed company directors and secretaries to transition legacy spreadsheets and paper records onto a contemporary platform that automates many of these manual tasks. This has increased operational efficiencies and improved transparency for stakeholders.



Enosi partner with energy retailers to provide seamless access to clean energy sources for businesses, communities and households. Their powerful proprietary technology delivers a solution to everyone committed to the journey towards 100% carbon free energy and paying less on their electricity bills.

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